our story

Villa Casa Luna, the exotic tropical getaway that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living, came to life in the early 60’s when a pair of NYC artists, Patsy and Joe LoGiudice, left Soho behind and ventured down to Zihuatanejo where they bought a one room home near the beach. This simple structure was just the bare beginnings of what became the magical Villa Casa Luna. Over the decades, Joe designed and built all the charming living spaces that gracefully echo the traditional style of that original home (which now comprises a part of the master bedroom).

Lush palms, dazzling orchids and burgeoning fruit trees intermingle with graceful native architecture and original works of art throughout the Villa Casa Luna compound. Among the guests who have savored this unique slice of paradise are Larry Rivers (who helped design the main gate), Julian Schnabel, Francis Ford Coppola, Terry Southern and Keith Richards.